Innovative teaching: Open Space English

Best practices from China: Our workshop is now also available for German schools7. August 2014

Progress in studying English is hardly achievable without developing an ability to word your own thoughts and ideas as language study is aimed at ensuring successful communication. Open Space English is an excellent way to discuss a genuine concern to all those involved, it stimulates creative thinking, and encourages students to speak freely. Due to the fact that this interactive large-group brainstorming works almost without any procedural limitations its output regularly proves to be highly innovative.Consequently, Open Space English perfectly complements traditional frontal teaching approaches.

Why to take an Open Space English course?

Language in use:

  • Make students speaking more openly and freely
  • Improve writing abilities
  • Use rhetoric skills
  • Increase student’s word stock

Positive side-effects:

  • Stimulate creative thinking
  • Involve all students
  • Create positive atmosphere
  • Develop a deeper under-standing of a topic
  • Introduce a teaching method
  • Organize an exhibition

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